The Jaw Balance: Workshop for Pilates practitioners & instructors

The Jaw Balance: Workshop for Pilates practitioners & instructors

THE JAW BALANCE: Understanding the role of jaw and teeth position in movement, postural stability, and structural integrity

21. April 2018, Kl. 10-17
Price: 2000 kr.
THE ROOM, Hansteens gate 1, 0253 Oslo

Introductory workshop with Michael Jansson, developer of SNEM jaw balance and machine-assisted adjustment techniques.

Learning goals:

  1. Practical applications for the modern Pilates practitioners.
  2. How neuroplasticity is changing health and fitness practices.


10:00-11:00     Introduction to Neuroplasticity, the brain as a GPS (Grid cells), and gravitational forces.

11:00-11:15    Coffee

11:15-12:30    Finding balance in the Spinal engine, fascia, and proprioception. The role of jaw, tongue, and teeth position in vagal tone.

12:30-13:30    LUNCH

13:30-14:00    Demo film from our lab. How do we measure interference in the jaw, TMJ, and cranial structures? Pilates instructor/practitioner gets the balancer and tests before & after. Short interview with the client about the experience of the treatment system.

14:00-15:00    Demo session. Myotome test, gate analysis of SI joint, TMJ-balance test, and vestibular-function test (Basic test).

15:00-15:15    Coffee

15:15-16:15     The anatomy of the posterior backline and the Jaw. Gravity, mechanics, and the importance of being able to pandiculate.

16:15-17:00     Q&A


Registration and payment:
When you book this workshop in visibook, you will receive an invoice for half of the fee. The other half can be paid at the workshop. Please make sure your email address and mobile number are correct! When the payment is registered, you will receive a final confirmation. Thank you! 🙂

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